Degrees Offered

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  • Graduate of Biblical Studies
  • Bachelor of Biblical Studies
  • Master of Ministries

Sound Baptist Bible College exists to educate and train men and women for Christian service and, whenever possible, allow them to remain faithful to their local church. Our conviction is that the most practical place for a child of God to receive Bible training is under the pastor and in the church, where they have become burdened and called into ministry. This institution has been established as an aide to that end.

This ministry is open to all who are members of an independent Baptist Church.  

For further information:

Pastor Marvin McKenzie D.Min, Th.D.

  • Pastor Mario Renolla D.D.

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Pastor Marvin McKenzie


Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Puyallup, WA and founder of Sound Baptist Bible College

Pastor Marvin McKenzie


Director of Lighthouse Baptist Missions International and of the online programs of Sound Baptist Bible College

Pastor Mario Renolla